Monday, May 18, 2009

painting on Mailboxes

My mailbox that I painted about 8 years ago. Featuring a horse, dog, cat and bird...something for everyone, two different paintings on each side of the mailbox.
It just now needs to be repainted...I'm surprised it lasted this long with the seasons here...I have done many others and hope they have lasted as long.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

painting a wall Mural and all that was in this room

When my hubby went on his yearly golfing trip, I decided to strip the wallpaper in his bathroom...the texture of the walls reminded me of a Fresco, so decided to paint a mural on the large wall, hoping it might resemble an old time painting, like a Fresco. I chose a scene from a photo I took in Austria at The Melk Benedictine Abbey, I also marbled everything including the top of the toilet seat.
I am about to repaint this bathroom and will paint over the mural...I'm happy just having the photo now.

painting on a Chair and Rocking Horse

Several years ago I was asked to donated my artistic imagination in creating a design on an old chair and a wooden rocking horse...It was for the Hospital in Columbus, Wisconsin....I must say I enjoyed painting these two items...the chair brought in the highest bid and the rocking horse also had a high bid...I was happy that it was good for the Hospital Benefit.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

painting on a Memorial Rock

My friend that I painted the Fireplace Mantle for, asked me to paint on a very large Memorial Rock that was for her father. I used the image of the Dove and Hands that where on the Sympathy card I had sent...this because they liked it so much. After a couple of years the image pealed off because the rock was very rough, it is on the top of a hill near woods and was very exposed to the seasons. So I repainted the image on a metal plaque, and it is hung there on the same spot.

painted Fireplace Mantle

A friend of mine asked me to paint her Fireplace Mantle, wanting the look of marble...she also wanted me to add my signature Angels on the side of the Fireplace I painted a couple cherubs.

Easter Egg and bunny

I painted this egg for myself to decorate my Easter table, unfortunately I dropped the egg and it cracked, this photo shows the side not too badly damaged. Look closely and you will see the crack above the lamb.

Horses on Painted Eggs

These horse images are all on one egg, it was done for a gift...lots of "stuff" on one egg, makes me think "what the heck was I doing?"

painting on Eggs

Althoug I enjoy painting on eggs...I dislike blowing them out! Finding that wooden eggs are much better to paint on, and you don't have to worry about the fragility of a real egg.
So here are a few Easter eggs I have done, I also do many eggs as Xmas ornaments.
I paint a great deal of images on one egg all the way around, not having duplicated one, they all are "one of a kind"

painting on small Rocks

Here are samples of small Rocks, most one inch long. I have done hundreds of them...don't know if it was worth the time and energy to paint all that detail onto a rock, but that's what people asked for...just hope they didn't loose them or left them out in the rain, saying that, I just found three 1" rocks in a pot in the garden that have been outside for 5 years or better, surprisingly the images are still intact.

    • I will take custom/commission orders,
    • please contact me for other prices
    • starting at 1" - 2" rock $20. S/H $2.00
    • this makes it one of a kind

painted Rocks

These are from the past, so I will start with this art form and continue on to styles and different mediums...the first images are of some rocks that I have painted...I have been known to paint on anything that doesn't move, but then I have also painted on things that move! So nothing is safe from my expressions in the art form.

Images shown are on large rocks, approximatley 9" - 10" long, painted with acrylic paints...

  • I take orders for personalized rock me