Saturday, June 13, 2009

my foyer mural

This mural is my foyer front door, it is a steel door and was very dark at one time, so I painted it light in color and added the mural to lighten up the foyer...I'm getting ready to also repaint this area.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sympathy card for loss of a Horse

This is one of the paintings I did for, it's a Sympathy card called "into the Pearly Gates" representing the loss of your horse, inside is a beautiful poem. These cards can be purchased through me or HoofPrints.

Inside of card

Don't mourn for me
Dear owner, kind and true.
I know that you will miss me
As I will also think of you.

We shared so many secrets;
those you whispered in my ear.
I've kept those secrets for you
lest any one would hear.

And in return you've kept me
from being turned out in the cold.
You've fed, watered, & cared for me
while we both grew old.

But God had called & needs me;
He says that it is time
I claim that sweet reward
in a kinder, greener clime.
He promises sweeter clover,
clear water, rich and pure
I'll never have to suffer
from wounds that humans cannot cure.

I'll romp and play all day
with others he has called hither.
I'll have so many new friends
that will scratch upon my wither.

I'll be watching out for you
when comes your judgment day
and together towards the pearly gates
we again will ride away!

author unknown

Individual card/envelope
Price - $ 2.00  Sale  $1.25 + .75 mailing
Package of 5 cards/envelopes
Price - $ 5.00  Sale  $4.00 + $2.00 mailing

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Friends of River Front

This Plein Air painting was also done at the Park in Beloit, of a Lion drinking fountain...I donated this painting for Auction at the Friends of River Front in Beloit WI.

11" x 14" acrylic

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Muses

Two paintings of my Muses, Ibn and ChutYanna featured in two miniature paintings donated to the Pyramid Society Auction (Arabian Horses) several years back...unfortunately the Arabian with Peacock feathers is missing, the other one was sold.

I'm happy to announce that my Peacock Feathers painting has been found and returned to me by the Pyramid Soc. I'm so pleased to have this painting back, since my mare died in 2007.

8 minutes of Peace on 08.08.08

In 2008 Phil Alain did a show called 8minutesofpeace he wrote about it on his blog, however the website for "8minutes of peace" is gone.
I participated with donating three paintings, the theme was 8 and we where to incorporate the number eight or impression of, intertwined with Peace.. here are my paintings
* Beginning or End (eight doves)
* Gift fo Peace
* Sunset (8 symbols hidden)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cafepress products

If you are a fan of cafepress you will find several of my shops featuring many designs and products, including the bag with an Andalusian Horse at

other designs at

Friday, June 5, 2009

"Peace I leave with you"

This painting was done after 9-11, it is named "Peace I leave with you" John 14:27
I gave it to Crystal Lyons from Texas who has a great Ministry on horseback. There are many images incorporated in this painting, they can not be seen in this small image..(cherubs, horse, lamb and dove.)

Vietnam Veterans Chapter #236 prints donations

These are just a few paintings over the years that I have done for prints to be raffled off at my husbands VVA Chapter #236   Xmas Party...

Featured here:
"and Some Gave All"
"Freedom is not Free...a Battlefield Cross"
"Welcome Home"
"POW-MIA" peace
"Soaring over Old Glory"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Borne' Saddle

I designed the buck stitch image on the saddle for Borne' Saddlery, the image is of a Friesian Horse sporting a rhinestone eye. I have also designed for Borne' website images, images for sweatshirts and advertisments.

Gallop Home products

Equine Board Game can be found on Amazon, eBay and various equine shops.

I did the design of the board game and images used for the box, also the four Puzzles (Arabian, Friesian, Thoroughbred, Paint) and a 48 page Coloring Book.

This is a fun game learning about Horses and the principles of Horsemanship.