Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sympathy card for loss of a Horse

This is one of the paintings I did for, it's a Sympathy card called "into the Pearly Gates" representing the loss of your horse, inside is a beautiful poem. These cards can be purchased through me or HoofPrints.

Inside of card

Don't mourn for me
Dear owner, kind and true.
I know that you will miss me
As I will also think of you.

We shared so many secrets;
those you whispered in my ear.
I've kept those secrets for you
lest any one would hear.

And in return you've kept me
from being turned out in the cold.
You've fed, watered, & cared for me
while we both grew old.

But God had called & needs me;
He says that it is time
I claim that sweet reward
in a kinder, greener clime.
He promises sweeter clover,
clear water, rich and pure
I'll never have to suffer
from wounds that humans cannot cure.

I'll romp and play all day
with others he has called hither.
I'll have so many new friends
that will scratch upon my wither.

I'll be watching out for you
when comes your judgment day
and together towards the pearly gates
we again will ride away!

author unknown

Individual card/envelope
Price - $ 2.00  Sale  $1.25 + .75 mailing
Package of 5 cards/envelopes
Price - $ 5.00  Sale  $4.00 + $2.00 mailing

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